ProMusica Arizona Announces Upcoming
Retirement of Executive Director, Yvonne Dolby

Yvonne Dolby

ProMusica Arizona Chorale and Orchestra’s (PMAZ) Executive Director, Yvonne Dolby, has announced that she will retire June 30, 2023 after a successful 12-year tenure. She joined PMAZ in 2011 at a time when the great recession caused many arts organizations to fold. PMAZ, however, survived and blossomed with Yvonne’s help. Her excellent people skills and most importantly, organizational skills and delightful personality, have been tremendous assets to PMAZ.

Yvonne’s duties over the years have included building PMAZ’s website several times, developing business partners, executing contracts, selling ads, representing PMAZ in the community at Anthem’s Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, etc.  She oversees marketing, PR, fundraising, administration and, most importantly…grant writing.

When Covid hit and shut down PMAZ’s ability for live rehearsals and performances, Yvonne researched and pursued every emergency funding opportunity at the Federal, State and County level. Her tenacity and success with grant writing helped PMAZ stay afloat financially and continue paying its administrative and artistic staff.

Having completed its 20th season this year, in a huge part due to Yvonne Dolby, ProMusica Arizona Chorale and Orchestra is extremely grateful to Yvonne for all of her efforts and accomplishments and wishes her a well-deserved retirement!